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Check the most recurring questions that may arise.

It is napkin size. 12.5 x 12.5 cm. (square) that can be printed from 1 to 4 inks in double and single sheet.

It can be done on white paper and kraft.

It is napkin size. 11 x 20 cm (rectangular) that can be printed in 1 and 2 inks, in double sheet.

It can be done on white paper and kraft.

In our papermaking processes, we save up to 86% of water, 30% of electricity and do not cut down a single tree, thus contributing to the care of our environment, being the most ecological and sustainable way of advertising

We use recyclable fibers to obtain our paper and our inks are water-based food grade, which do not contaminate food or cause damage to skin contact, providing our greatest effort to be part of a positive change.

It is a fine paper that is characterized by its excellent creping, providing elasticity, softness, is abosrbent and ecological.

It is made of cellulose fiber that has been obtained from plant fibers and blends of virgin fibers.

For the elaboration of our Tissue paper, we do not use components that contaminate the material, which are authorized for export, complying with the highest quality standards and requirements by the U.S. and the EU.

It does not contain cardboard waste, so we use vegetable pigments to make kraft paper

The product does not contain substances classified as dangerous.

Complies with NMX-N-092-SCFI-2008.

That's right, we are the only ones in Mexico to make a color napkin in up to 18 shades with and without printing..

- In cocktail napkin, 10 boxes for 1 and 2 inks and 20 boxes for 3 and 4 inks.

- On dinner napkin, 10 boxes, can only be printed in 1 and 2 inks.

-9,000 pieces per box in single sheet in cocktail type.

-6,000 pieces per box in double sheet in cocktail type.

- 4,320 pieces per box in dinner type.

-The single sheet is 1 sheet of paper per napkin.

- The double sheet is 2 sheets of paper per napkin, being twice as thick, more resistant and yielding. We are the only ones in the market in Mexico to offer double sheet.

The napkins meet the specifications of resistance and humidity. They are 100% biodegradable, without strange odors and without impurities.

15 business days after full payment of your napkins.

Freight is payable.

Electronic transfer, cash deposits, PayPal and nominative check.

- Continuous Engraving is a discreet and uniform texture that encompasses the entire napkin, providing a feeling of roughness.

- The Border is a repeated texture that is visible only on two lateral sides of the napkin (bottom and right) and the rest of the napkin is smooth, simulating a frame.

Adobe Ilustrator, editable PDF, EPS and Corel Draw.

• Vectors (Curves)
•Specific Pantones (PMS)
• No Photos

* Design of napkins without cost in the purchase of your napkins. We do not elaborate logos for companies.

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